• What Is Brake Fade And How To Troubleshoot It

    Brake fade means lose the brake function. Saying as the normal words, it’s brake failure. While the brake failure includes part failure and entire failure. Part failure means lose the brake efficiency to a certain extent. In another word, it means a long brake distance, or we can’t stop the car i...
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  • How To Test Prestress Metal Corrugated Hose

    In summer, there will be more rainy days. Thus water discharge becomes an important work. Generally, PVC hose and metal hose are both good for water discharge. However, some people think the metal hose is much heavier than PVC hose. Because in their opinion, metal is heavier than plastic. But in ...
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  • How To Choose High Pressure Hose Assembly

    High pressure hose assembly is a structure with high pressure hose and metal connector. It’s a common auxiliary device in hydraulic system. While the function is to connect all the hydraulic elements in hydraulic system. These elements include hose, sealing, flange and connector. How to choose hi...
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